What we stand for

We are a FinTech platform on a mission to enable private individuals to access and invest in selected real assets, such as real estate, with the lowest possible commitments. With FINEXITY retail investors can build up their own global digital real asset portfolio regardless of their budget, know-how and location.

We place a significant emphasis on data and follow the believe that opinions don’t affect facts, but facts affect opinions. We are straightforward, open-minded, creative and not afraid to challenge others. If you want to really drive growth and make things happen, then you are a perfect fit for our team!

Join the world's first digital real asset investment platform and change the financial world step-by-step with us! 

"Finexity offers me everything that no investment bank ever did: responsibility from day one, space to explore innovative solutions and, most importantly, provide me with the right amount of trust to challenge a whole industry. I love seeing how much progress we can have in a day and how valuable my own work is for the success of the whole company."

Finance Manager

"I joined Finexity in the very early days of the company as a working student. Having studied Industrial Engineering in my Masters, I was given the opportunity to utilise my strong analytical skills from day one and work alongside a team of experienced bankers to finalise the due-diligence process. However what I like the most about Finexity is the job progression: After a year and a half I have been given the opportunity to take over the operations department and are now leading my own team."

Head of Real Estate Operations


A selection of what we have to offer

  • International team
  • Super central office
  • Newest IT infrastructure
  • Thursday night team drinks
  • Fresh fruit, coffee and tea
  • External mentors to guide you